domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

Radical©Ity lecture at UEM

On February 26th, Miguel Luengo lectured within Integrated Workshop I about the radical (literally) vision of the city in the 1960´s

Phase 1: Megacities, Technological beliefs and Pop Arq 

Plug in city (1964) where the smallest parts would be worn out in 3 years and the entire urban structure used up in 40 years

Phase 2:  Urban scale reduction. Air-ambient-atmosphere as new landscape

In the beginning was the city (the counter-city)

Or rather: the dreamt city
Well then.
But like all urban  projects from the 60s, our cities too were-for we’d never seen them-only intuited, the dissected metrópolis of the world, NY, Reality laid bare. The vertical city, the subterranean, pooled traffic transformers, the mobility of life, technology. All that was and is real in NY.
All that was added by dreaming was poetry; the city beats like a heart, the city flows like breath. And an expanding sense of life fills up these imaginary cities.
Some have confused this poetry of the city with utopia.

Phase 3: The absence of the city. Body and mind as conquest 

To a large extent, narrow conceptual determinations and traditional definitions of architecture (urbanism), and the various means it deploys, are not valid nowadays. Our efforts are focused on the environment in its entirety and all the media that determine it. That applies to televisión and air conditioned, to transport and clothing, to the telephone, and to housing. Hans Hollein, 1967